Affordable yet Reliable IP Phone System for Small Businesses


Internet technology opens new opportunities to entrepreneurs and it allows small businesses to thrive all around the world including here in Kenya. As the business environment becomes more supportive, small business entities need the right solution to help them competitive. IP Phone technology offers advanced communication solution with better cost efficiency ensuring small businesses can keep competitive even with bigger scale competitors.

IP Phone or PABX system seems like a sophisticated communication system that only big scale business organizations can afford to have. But actually, there are many PABX solutions suitable for small business entities. Grandstream is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality phone system. With its GXP 1625 series, it offers small businesses a powerful, highly reliable, yet cost efficient IP phone system. VDS Kenya is proud to become the leading supplier and installer of Grandstream GXP 1625 Kenya. This company can provide not only the PABX unit but also provide the installation and integration service as well as training and support. Here in Kenya, VDS already has top leading reputation as IT and telephone system supplier specializing in business solutions. This company has been helping many business organizations upgraded their communication system to internet based system to make them more competitive.

What makes Grandstream GXP 1625 the best solution for small business entities? This IP phone system is affordable yet it offers superior functions and features. Based on Linux system, it can be easily integrated to business network. It also offers high quality audio and support 3-way conferencing system. There are many other features available, optimized for business purposes while it comes with user friendly interface and operation control. It doesn’t take long to be familiar and fully master this IP phone system. Contact VDS Kenya for more detailed information about this IP phone system and how it would be a good choice for your business needs.