Choosing a Telephone System Maintenance Contract

As you will already be aware, your telephone system is a crucial tool for the successful running of your company. Unfortunately, even the most modern technology can fail and when this happens your business will notice the immediate consequences this can bring.

Loss of business is a major problem your company will have to deal with if your telephone system falls over. When failure happens you will start to wish you had a telephone maintenance agreement in place which is something you can easily obtain from a number of reputable Business Telephone Companies.

Telephone Technical Support Service

If your system is under two years old, your service provider will usually provide you with some form of technical support or maintenance contract. Within this agreement they should specify how they will react to certain problems and within what time periods an engineer will attend site should a fault occur. In today’s fast moving business world the majority of telephone maintenance providers will specify this information in a service level agreement (SLA) as it is crucial to provide this information.

If your system is old, unsupported or obsolete then it is likely that your telephone system may no longer be supported by the original manufacturer or installer. In cases such as these, you may wish to consider searching for a third party telephone maintenance company or Telephone Engineer. Each maintenance provider will have their own SLA to work from and it is up to you as the customer to agree terms prior to signing any agreement.

Types of Telephone Cover

A maintenance contract may cover just your main control unit but more typically it should cover the entire system just in case a major failure or fault occurs. The exact list specific system items covered will depend on the supplier you choose but they may include:

The Main Control Unit
Proprietary System Handsets
The cabling around the offices (in rare cases)
Voice Processors (advanced voicemail and auto attendant)
Communication Devices such as Switches and Routers
Music on Hold Devices

Essential Redundancy

Even if you use a very good telephone maintenance company, you may have to accept the possibility that your system could be down for a lengthy period of time if you experience a major fault or even in the unfortunate event of a fire or even theft.

In some cases, this may stop your communication dead in the water. Being without your telephones and broadband services is usually disastrous to any business and in these instances you need the right partner who can help to point you in the right direction and get you back up and running in the fastest possible timescale.

If communications are the lifeblood of your company, you may also wish to consider a standby arrangement. Having a standby system as part of your maintenance contract could mean that you will be provided with a reserve system so that in the rare event of a significant problem you can be back up and running quickly where usually it could take days or weeks to repair or replace.

When you have time, take a few minutes out to have a think about how losing your telephone system could impact the running of your business. Telephone Maintenance is simply an insurance policy to protect the running of your business. If your company cannot afford to be without phones bear this in mind when deciding whether you could can afford to annual payment quoted by your supplier.