Why Your Business Switch to PBX Telephone System


As your business grows, you might want to consider a more sophisticated communication solution. If traditional landline is no longer adequate to cater the needs of your growing company, PBX telephone system can be a good solution for your problem.

There are many advantages a reliable PBX system can give to your company. Firstly, using Panasonic PBX system actually can save cost, especially for internal communications. If you only have five employees and everyone is working in the same room, you can simply shout to each other. But if your company has grown and now you are employing hundreds of workers, you and your employees will need internal telephone system to communicate with each other. With traditional landline, when you are calling someone in another room or floor, your phone will be routed to the local phone service’s exchange and then rerouted to the person you call that is located in your building. If you use PBX, the call will not leave your building since the system will route it internally. As a result, the cost for internal calls will be much cheaper.

Furthermore, PBX will make it easier for your customers or business clients to call your company since you only need to list one phone number. Even though you only have one phone number, it doesn’t mean that you can only receive one call at a time. PBX offers centralized control which means one phone number can be used for multiple calls. You can even dial out when your employees are receiving calls from your customers.

It is obvious that PBX can be a great solution for growing business. This system is indeed more expensive compared to traditional phone line. However, PBX comes with different packages and there are plenty of choices for the phone set as well. So, you can easily choose one that suits your budgets and needs.